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File recover software is a lifesaver!

File recover software are lifesavers!

August 7 2014, Mickael Findley

Active@ File Recovery 12 is file recovery software, designed to recover data that has been deleted, formatted or somehow lost from a storage device, such as USB or hard drive. While the best way to keep data safe is backing it up onto other storage devices, the thing about data loss is if it were expected, it wouldn't happen.

For times when files are lost unexpectedly, due to one reason or another, file recover software is a lifesaver and Active@ File Recovery 12 is a top contender then it comes to this these programs.


Using it to recover files is almost as easy as deleting them. You find the location the file was located in, scan it and after a moments, it pops right up.

At that point, it's a matter of hitting the 'recover' button on and 'voila!', it's recovered. In my experience, it's worked on everything I needed to recover, but I would think that trying to recover files that have been deleted for years would be more trouble, seeing as how they would have been written over several times. Nonetheless, in my experience, the software works very well, quickly and effectively.

Ironically enough, the same company that created this file recovery software has a great disk deleting software too, called Active@ KillDisk.

I looked into it and what it does is take a step further than simply formatting a disk to delete the files, but it also overwrites all of the data so it is no longer recoverable, not even by their file recovery software (Trust me, I tried the "what happens when an unstoppable object collides with an unmovable rock" experiment, KillDisk won).

The cool thing is that you can even select the method they go about permanently deleting your data and use methods used by the U.S. Department of Defence to delete your files. Depending on the disk size, it could take a while, but the software worked well!

Both of these programs are available in free demo versions (that BASICALLY do everything you need them to do), so I would certainly recommend checking them out!

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