Recover Your Data Easily And Cost-Effectively With Active@ UNDELETE

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Recover Your Data Easily And Cost-Effectively With Active@ UNDELETE

Recover Your Data Easily And Cost-Effectively With Active@ UNDELETE

October 9 2013, by Richard Pardoe, technology blogger

In a world increasingly dependent on data, data loss has evolved from a niche problem only experienced by IT professionals, to an issue that very much affects the lives of everyday, casual computer users.

More and more, people are experiencing a sudden wake-up call, and quickly being forced to become "data-literate". There are several possible catalysing events: a hard drive (HDD) failure that decimates a wealth of sensitive documents, or an accidental deletion of a USB stick with precious photos from the last vacation.


Data recovery is becoming highly relevant to mainstream computer users. Unfortunately, up until very recently, most data recovery tools have been cumbersome, complex or unreliable.

Active@ UNDELETE is a data recovery tool intentionally designed to handle a wide range of data-loss situations. Of course, we're biased in our opinion of it - after all, it's our product - but we truly believe we've created something superior that truly serves people with an urgent data loss problem.

So what do we do better than the competition?

Easy and Intuitive Interface

Like all of our products, we've realised that ease-of-use is not just a nice-to-have addition, but a real necessity.

Data recovery isn't naturally an easy process. In fact, it's very technical, and the software performs a number of sophisticated operations to restore your data to proper working order. But we realise that if you're like most people in need of effective data recovery, you aren't necessarily technically minded. You likely just want your data back.

So that's why Active@ UNDELETE is built from the ground up with user experience in mind. We knew it needed to be simple and intuitive, because we acknowledge that data recovery affects all computer users, not just tech-heads.

Many of our satisfied users remark that it's extremely to use, often times much easier than competing recovery tools that offer a decent range of features, yet suffer from complex and clunky interfaces.

A Complete Toolset for Your Recovery Needs

We know that data loss is often one of those thorny problems that often come with complications. We've packed Active@ UNDELETE with features so you'll have the best chance of getting your data back.

Among other features, the pro and enterprise versions come with the in-built boot disk capability, which allows you to kick-start the functionality of heavily damaged and unbootable systems.

And if your disk partitions have taken a hit, Active@ UNDELETE has a partition recovery feature to help you repair the very backbone of your stored data.

An Affordable Price Point

Because we want data recovery to be available to everyone, we also priced Active@ UNDELETE accordingly, and we believe, fairly.

People often turn to data recovery in times of urgency, and may feel pressured to pay more than they're really comfortable with in order to get their data back. We've definitely seen a few tools that were obviously built to capitalize on this and make a quick buck.

We're in this for the long haul though and we genuinely want our users to be happy with all aspects of our product, and to recommend us to friends and colleagues. That's why the professional version of Active@ UNDELETE is priced at what we think is a very reasonable $44.95. We hope you'll agree.

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