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Active@ ZDelete: pros & cons

Active ZDelete. Data security software

August 25 2014, Mickael Findley


  • Intuitive, simple and easy to use
  • Quick and efficient
  • Works well
  • Doubles as a disk wiping software


  • Disk wipe can be lengthy
  • No option to delete entire disks



Active@ ZDelete is a very unique, brilliantly designed file deletion software, designed to replace your recycling bin with something more secure and… permanent.

It feels exactly the same as the standard Windows Recycling Bin, only instead of just reallocating the memory from deleted files, it actually deletes them so they are no longer recoverable.

As an added bonus, this software also offers disk wiping, where it permanently deletes any files that may have left traces on the hard drive, making them unrecoverable in the future, while leaving the rest of the files that are still on the hard drive untouched.

This wiping process takes a while though, so it is recommended that you set it to clean your computer overnight or when you have the time to spare.

Overall, Active@ ZDelete is a very complete and effective data security software that is very easy to use due to its' resemblance to the familiar Windows Recycling Bin. Between that and it's additional disk wipe utility, I would recommend trying this software.

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