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KillDisk Desktop

KillDisk Desktop

KillDisk Desktop brings a complete and affordable industrial-grade disk sanitation hardware solution to the consumer market. Highly customizable for any context, supporting U.S. DoD erasure and fully automated operation, this system is a must-have for any organization with strong disk erasure requirements. You may erase as many HDDs/SSDs as you need without of extra charges. There is no “charge per erase” policy in effect.

Key Features:

  • Erase data on the entire hard disk drive surface, supports parallel erasing up to 5 disks;
  • Destroy data permanently with a choice of dozens of international disk sanitizing standards;
  • Sanitize external disks (USB drives, external HDD/SSD) connected to both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports;
  • Examine disk integrity and overall stability, disk verification and detect bad sectors;
  • Auto-erase mode sanitizes disks and prints certificates without of any user interaction;
  • Hot-swap operations are fully supported, erase could be auto-initiated upon HDD plug-in;
  • Complete system operations from LCM panel: status and progress display, buttons to control;
  • Additional peripheral devices and monitor could be connected for a Graphical interface to control system;
  • Visual indication of current actions on LCD panel and LED lights for disk processes;
  • Browse file systems on disk volumes and inspect particular sectors Hex Viewer on a low level;
  • Issue customizable certificates and detailed reports for disk erase and examination;
  • Print different types of labels to be attached to hard disks after erase completion;
  • Provides enhanced information about disks and their attributes including S.M.A.R.T. monitoring;
  • Network is accessible – certificates and reports could be stored on a network share, or printed on network printer;
KillDisk Desktop
  • 1 year of warranty on a hardware box
    1 year of technical support & software updates
    Satisfaction policy: 30-day money back guarantee
    Shipping options will be arranged separately
    Optional pre-configured printer for certificates & labels
    Unlimited number of Hard Disks or SDDs can be erased
    Ready to ship in 3–5 business days upon receipt of payment